This software is for your Windows Mobile device. You can with the help of it:

• Add new Appointment and Task with Tap&Drag. Stretch Appointment time interval out. Move day and time of Task and Appointment;
• Operate the Appointment and Task from main menu without stylus;
• Register Appointment Title or Place if they are frequent;
• Register Rest-day Category where you can easy mark your holidays, etc.;
• Move a day that indicates detail with cursor key;
• Register show/hide Category;
• Set up the color of rest day, memorial day, holiday and week of day.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Seeker of Special is a utility to find the location of special folders on the device.

System requirements:
WM2003 - WM6.5
.Net Compact Framework 2
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB

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This amazing software allows to upload user’s sms to their Gmail accounts. It is a simple utilite for message uploading and backing. All you must have is just Gmail account setup in the outlook.


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Here is a free application for WM devices. It can:

- Specify locations, where you will use WiFi;
- Specify locations, where Bluetooth will be automatically used;
- Specify locations for turned off ringer or vibration;
- It can run some app in specified location;
- Option of autostart on reboot.


- 3g-signal area;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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SwitchProfile allows you to automatically change profiles on schedule. It is a good addition to Windows Mobile OS. Now you can forget about loud calls at the wrong time.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x for Smartphone
Status: demo version
Developed by: Connective Tools Ltd.

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Here is a “jacket” for PDA with finger-friendly interface.

Key Features:

- App supports QVGA and VGA screens;
- .ini file to manually change the settings.

Developer: Jason Stover
System Requirements: WM 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, WM 6.x
Interface: English
Status: freeware

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Program to change the contact display in the list of Outlook.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: Free

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