This freeware Windows Mobile application is for clocking of images of your Facebook friends with compatibility contacts in Microsoft Outlook. You can update a few contacts at a time or all contacts, because this app allows you to choose which contacts are updated. The main feature is an auto synchronization process of updated contacts and WinMobile devices by ActiveSync or Exchange server.

Installation and Setup:

• At first, download then install OutSync.msi;
• Start OutSync from the Start Menu and wait 1-2 minutes;
• Login to Facebook with the help of OutSync to match contacts;

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A smart app designed to protect your phone (and nervous system) from unwanted calls. Whethet it's the ex, boss, or a debt collector - create your Black list and live a normal life without annoying phone calls.
The unknown numbers will be sent a notification message, asking them to register to be added to your white list. so that they can get through.

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This Windows Mobile application can be very useful for you, if you don’t want to lose a call history, SMS, ringtones, photos or if you adjust your pocket phone with productivity apps, etc.


- App assists for Windows Mobile 6 Storage Card encryption;
- Full automation of Backups;
- Unique Device Upgrade Mode;
- Desktop Companion;
- App supports for all Windows Mobile 5/6 Devices - Smartphone and Pocket PC;
- Backup to FTP Server;
- Backup to PC;
- New Sprite PC Manager;
- Sprite Explorer;
- AutoBackup File Management
- Complete control.

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Brand new Total Commander 2.0 for Windows Mobile Smartphones.
New in version 2.0
* Support for portrait/landscape switching
* Save column widths in full view
* FTP client, registry editor, and access to LAN (local area network)
Original features:
* Copy, Move whole subdirs
* Inplace rename, create dirs
* Delete (no recycle bin)
* Zip and unzip
* Properties dialog, change attributes
* Built-in text editor
* Search function (also for text)
* Select/unselect groups of files
* Select with [Sel] button
* FTP client

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You have a danger to lose an important memory and it can lead to soft reset, in case of the usage of your pocket Windows Mobile phone all day long. But it is not a problem no more. Makeveral designed a special program called RAM Sweeper to skip this trouble. Just run this useful program on your phone to clear up the unused Random Access Memory. You need to put a needed processes on the whitelist to don’t let the app to kill them. This software also allows you to run programs with an additional parameters after the RAM’s change.

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Battery Guard is convenient pocket application that coordinates powering for every extra device on PocketPC machine. Do you want to track what eating battery under control? Then, this application was made for your use.


* customized current power mode for every extra device
* customized powering pattern for every power state of Windows Mobile Professional device
* backup/restore powering pattern
* choice of language (English or Polish)
* assistance of user-defined friendly names of extra devises

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This software is a Google Voice dialer application for Windows Mobile OS.

This app can be your best assistance in a daily routine, because Google has no official analogue programs.

Extra Features:

- Enter in dials and numbers of non-contact;
- Choose dials and contact;
- VGA screen resolution support;
- You cat set sounds and graphics;
- Skin assistance is limited;
- Landscape support is limited, but don’t worry, because no one dials in this mode;
- Google Online Features;
- Method of Calling Card.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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ThrottleLock is a little app designed to lock your device, supports multi-language interface and tons of skins. Secure your phone by a special code. The phone will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points. The phone CANNOT be unlocked without the correct code. It's highly important to remember the pattern you entered at it's startup. We recommend making a backup before you install this app. We take no responsibility of possible harm or data loss caused by it's use.

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