ThrottleLauncher application is a launcher with support of skins. Application consists of a specified number of tabs. You can scroll with your finger the contents of the tabs horizontally or vertically. Application is fully configurable via xml files.

Special Features:

- Kinetic scrolling;
- Application is fully customizable;
- Skins support;
- Ability to install the ready widgets;
- Ability of the integration of the tabs of third-party plug-ins.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Here is a powerful tool for fine-tuning of your device. It combines such useful functions as:

- Task manager;
- The file manager (copy, move, delete, rename, etc.);
- Control of the running and installed programs;
- Enhanced purification of memory (3 levels) to maximize its release, both manually and automatically;
- Detailed information about the system;
- Customizable informer on the desktop to display CPU, memory, battery level;
- The automated access to frequently used programs;
- Support for hot keys;
- Favorites;
- It can restart your smartphone.

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Spb Backup is a utility, which is designed for quick backup. It is based on proven technology, which is used in Spb Clone. The main highlight of the new development is to create self-extracting image file, so you can easily restore the data from the archive without installing Spb Backup. Image-file can be password-protected, which is hidden by using of 128-bit encryption.


- Creation of backup with schedule;
- Self-extracting backups;
- Complete and customizable backup;
- Compression and encryption of backups;
- Special program to unzip the backup on your desktop.

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Inesoft Address Book is an alternative and handy address book for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It is fully compatible with ActiveSync, Outlook, Pocket Informant and similar programs.

Key Features:

- You can create additional data fields;
- Unlimited number of festive events for the contact;
- Calls and search for contacts with the Today screen;
- Caller ID function;
- Automatic formatting of phone numbers for easy reading;
- Synchronization via ActiveSync.

This program was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0, 6.x for Pocket PC
Status: demo version

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BTAudioNav can convey your GPS navigator application’s audio production to any Bluetooth headphones. Also this program can be configured to launch by a hardware button or with a link in your preferred app launcher.


- Redirects all PDA audio to the car handsfree or tho the byke bluetooth helmet.
- Turns bluettoth ON if it’s currently OFF.
- When the GPS program is ended, the audio is redirected again to the PDA speaker, the Bluetotoh radio is turned OFF if it were OFF initially and the program exits.
- Starts the GPS navigation app.

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Need a WinRAR client for Windows Mobile? You can get it with the application called Pocket RAR 3.90. So, you can perform all the functions of WinRAR on your mobile device, such as open and create RAR, ZIP files, add an extra password for the archives protection, specify different levels of compression. Also, app has an integrated file browser.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Here is an emulator of the Windows interface for smartphones. It was made in Flash. It has decent graphics emulation, the ability to quickly launch certain applications, which are “driven in” the form of shortcuts in the Start menu.

This program was designed for Symbian OS 9.4 S60 5th edition
Status: demo version
Developer: MMMOOO

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Here is a program to change the vibration for incoming calls.

- Separate configuration of the phone, SMS and email;
- Separate sets of templates for your phone, SMS and email;
- You can set different length for SMS and email vibration.

- Start VibroCFG.exe;
- Set the vibration pattern: vibro, pause, vibro, pause (in milliseconds). For example, 100,50,100,50,200,100,200,100.
Program will offer to write changes to the INI-file (agree, if necessary), if you change the template;
- Test what happened. Stop the test by pressing the button;

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