Voice Twister is the first professional progrma that allows you to morph your voice on a WM device.
The user friendly voice variety will Make your friends and family laugh as your voice is converted to a Space Squirrel, or your kids are talking like a Giant at story time. Choose from the many preset voices, or you can use Tweak and Speak to change the pitch and add an effect, creating a unique voice of your own. Voice Twister can also play an existing audio file in the morphed voice, and save it to a new file. You can also record and save your live voice for play back later.

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ZoomBoard is an onscreen keyboard for quick and accurate finger typing on PDAs and communicators with Windows Mobile. Translucent magnifying glass, that appears on the screen and increases the letter under your finger, will help you to avoid errors. Just slide your finger across the keyboard to select the required letter.


- Translucent magnifying glass, which can enlarge the letters on the keyboard by pressing;
- Slide with your finger across the screen instead of the stylus;
- Typing on ZoomBoard can be as fast as on a hardware keyboard .

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You have friends on Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, Skype, etc. It takes you a lot of time to find online friend on any of these applications. But it is no problem, if you have fring 3.40 Beta on your pocket mobile device! You have a single platform with all your online friends, which are available in one place.

This useful application assists many chat services including Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk. You also have an opportunity to check Facebook updates, use Twitter feeds and listen to the music on on Last.fm with the help of it.

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Do you have any need in an advanced Twitter client for your mobile device? You can download this application in this case, because it will fit you perfectly.

Key Features:

• Built-in option to upload photos to a website, which is dedicated to serving UberTwitter clients;
• You are able to optionally update your GT status with the last tweet;
• Auto-update of your location. It is based on the cell tower data, which is provided by your device. It is required no GPS hardware;
• You can send any video, which is embedded in the tweet;

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The world saw a great new Windows Mobile keyboard for WVGA and WQVGA ( limited support for VGA ) screen devices called FingerKeyboard v2 at long last!

This sofware has a lot of features:

• It has a nice interface;
• FingerKeyboard is the most solid of touch screen finger-friendly keyboards;
• It has assistance of landscape and portrait modes;
• It works with WVGA & WQVGA support (limited VGA assistance);
• You can rapidly type the numbers with numeric layout of it;
• It has a choice of languahes;
• A great variety of color schemes;

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SPB Radio is very useful multimedia software. You can search the built-in catalogue by station’s name, edit favorites list, add more radio stations to the catalogue with this program. You always recieve total information about the station's name and bit rate when this program runs. Enjoy the latest news, live sport events, talk, different shows with the high quality of the digital sounding at any time and place.

Extra Features:

• User-friendly interface;
• Skins;
• Built-in radio stations list;
• Simple settings;
• Favorites list;
• You can control volume with your screen;

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Kinoma Play is a media browser for Windows Mobile communicators and smartphones that allows to play the music, video, photos, podcasts and internet radio on mobile devices and the network, as well as work with them through a single interface.

Special Features:

• Amazing interface (adjustable, beautiful graphics);
• Finger-friendly interface;
• Perfect music and video player;
• Great picture viewer;
• Great variety of special applications;
• Substitute many apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.;
• Sufficiently easy-to-use;
• Share info with everyone;

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