It is for our Polish visitors. Application called Miasto Muzyki is for music radio listening on Windows Mobile device from the Internet platform You also can see CD covers and text of playing file using this application. The package of more than 50 different music stations is available. The Internet platform Miasto Muzyki was launched by the RMF Group in 2007.

The content was expanded through the Internet (wma) with the help of iTunes and digital platform ‘N’.

Basic services:

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You can find this application very interesting and useful, if you don’t have 6.5.x ROMs, because an archive for download consists of 18 Ringtones and alerts from WM 6.5.

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This program offers you changing of the following widgets on your computer desktop:
1) MH-battery
2) MH-digital clock
3) MH-Tasks
4) MH-Birthday

- The battery is used inside large digital clock and transforms it into the battery level.
- 4 independent windows to add their own widgets.
- MH-digital clock: background image was removed and the text of time was left (what is required for the MH-battery indication).
- MH-Birthday: birthday widget was modified for a small size.
- MH-Tasks: reducing of the font and icon size for task solving.

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This useful Windows Mobile app is a freeware service software for navigation and search functions. It includes a big number of maps like an aerial photo in North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa and Asia. You can use 3D maps, seek for needed interests of any location, use the satellite views and more.

Other Features:

- View the highways and points of intersection of your route;
- View the most update streets, roads and institutes;
- Advanced zoom view;
- Urban and rural navigating information is available;
- Rotate any map;

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This app gives you a possibility to use an integrated HTC FM radio and Experia, thereby you receive TMC (traffic alerts). You can automatically unite them on the navigation prog, like Route 66 or Navigon. You do it in order to calculate routes again with avoidance of traffic jams. Program also supports for GNS scan down.

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile 6 OS.

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