CalliGrapher 8.3 free download

CalliGrapher 8.3

CalliGrapher is an application, which recognizes natural handwriting and supports any style of words writing (inclined, straight or mixed style).

Special Features:

- Improved Write Pad Soft Input Panel (SIP);
- User friendly interface;
- Seamless integration in most Pocket PC applications without problems;
- Built-in spell checker with user-extensible vocabulary;
- Full 24-digit customizable on-screen keyboard with 13 predefined layouts for 10 Western European languages;
- Auto-filling;
- Preset dictionary editor;
- Auto-corrector;
- Statistical analyzer;
- Multilanguage support;
- Custom control panel;
- Configuration;
- Ability to choose the form of letters;
- Setting the level of text recognition;
- Ability to select the screen orientation (portrait / landscape).

This software was designed for Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE, 5.0 for Pocket PC
Status: Shareware
Developer: PhatWare Corp

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