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cleanRAM 1.9

“cleanRAM 1.9” is a Pocket PC program to free up vacant memory on Windows Mobile and make it more rapidly. You have only one resolution when your PDA slows down is to reset your mobile device. And in the end you’ll do use cleanRAM to free up the unemployed memory and this makes your WM device faster.


- Liberate memory for Windows Mobile devices.
- You can clean up the exhausted RAM memory without having to restart the device and finally it saves a lot of time.
- CleanRAM lets you with the only one click free part of the RAM on your PDA.
- Great resolution for the Windows Mobile memory leak trouble.
- CleanRAM efforts to free as much memory as possible; cleanRAM will restore your device memory.
- There are 3 levels of cleaning plus personally modified processes list.
- Define all cleanRAM behavior, hibernate for old devices.
- Close all applications.
- Launch startup programs after cleaning ended.
- Multilanguage supported.
- Custom level that helps you to define the process (es) you wish to clean.
- Automatically clean up by timetable (time/date and more options…), get clean-up event at a specific time!
- You can also choose and load default settings from suggested settings reservoir list.
- Update cleanRAM to latest version directly from the cleanRAM.

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