DVD Catalyst 3.83.5 free download

DVD Catalyst 3.83.5

DVD Catalyst 3 is a program for converting and adapting DVD, film and video for PDAs. These files can be viewed as a built-in Media Player, and in third-party DIVX players.

Features of DVD Catalyst:

- Screenrating technology is based on the special features. It can get the best possible image representation;
- Cropping technology for video adaptation to the physical size of the PDA screen;
- Adaptation of sync sound, in case of changing framerate;
- Profiles for quickly change of settings;
- There is the possibility of converting into WMV format;
- You can choose which soundtrack to attach to the final video file, when you’re converting multilingual DVD;
- It can convert any video to DVD, including bonus tracks, etc.;
- You can customize the size of finished video.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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