This is a simple program, which allows to find the marked GPS position. For example, you went to the woods for a walk with bad guide, but you left a point in the start. The program indicates the direction of this point and the distance to it.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.5
Additional Requirements: GPS
Setup Type: CAB

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All navigation applications which equipped with GPS are worth much as a rule. But this program does not belong to these apps. In fact, it is generally free. The fact is that the navigation maps for the program are generated by its users, who are the same as you are.

System requirements: WM5 - WM6.1
Additional Requirements: GPS
Resolution: All screens
Setup Type: CAB
Developer: Waze inc.
Language: English

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WiFiFoFum is freeware network scanner 802.11 (WiFi), which is designed to work on Pocket PC 2003. WiFiFoFum scans all 802.11 access points and displays a list of them. You can also record the location of access points, if you have connected GPS receiver program. List of access points can be saved to a file.

This application was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphone
Status: freeware

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Map Calibrator is a program-satellite for GPS Tuner. You can work with GPS Tuner cards on a desktop computer.

Some Features:

- Calibration (binding) of cards;
- The breakdown of large maps into smaller pieces;
- Getting of set of maps in the output and data about their calibration;
- Saving of cards in GTM format.

Status: free
Developer: Megalith

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Here is an app, which uses Free Aenext Tickit Cinema API, what provides GPS/Cell data related motion picture information, showtimes and local theaters on Android-powered phones.

Main Features:

- App provides motion pictures detail info in local theaters;
- Showtime schedule for 7 days;
- Sorting by rating, genre, release;
- App remembers your recent places;
- UK, US and Canada support.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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You can use this program to have a visual connect with the whole world using your BB device! It works with device’s GPS to locate users and their contacts on the move online.

- You can locate yourself with a live scalable map;
- View all your active buddies;
- Website map for one view for all contacts;
- You need to create a free account on;
- Then you enter your phone number and original license key;
- Communicate and enjoy!

OS: BlackBerry.

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Here is a freeware WM app, which works with a GPS to allows to monitor location and distraced driving.

Some Features:

- Street Tweet;
- Driver Distraction Warnings;
- Geofencing;
- High Speed Warnings.

Special Requirements:

- Windows Mobile 5 and later;
- Twitter account or data plan and email;
- All vehicles.

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This software will be your best assistant, because it offers you the advanced GPS informer. GPS2day is a powerfool tool (Today Screen plugin) for pocket WM devices.

This smart program displays the current coordinates (latitude, longitude), direction and speed, some information about the satellites, the exact current date and time time with an atomic clock of a satellite, state of the battery (it is important when using GPS).

Special Requirements: Windows Mobile OS 5 and later.

Language support: English, Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch, German, Spanish.

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This WM app will help you to keep track the movement thanks to a GPS-receiver.

Extra Features:

- It declairs different stats in the speakers or headset;
- Generic time-based tasks and previous recordings;
- It can record various info, like distance, time, speed and change of atlitude;
- Diagram viewing;
- Internet uploading of thr results.

Special Requirements:

- GPS receiver;
- WM 5 or later.

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Here is a WM freeware application, which will fit persons who like mountain biking, cycling, skiing, hiking, running or just walking. This amazing program give you statistics in real time (for example, atlitude, speed, distance, etc.) and data for further analysis.


- Speed rates;
- Altitude rates;
- Time rates;
- Distance;
- Zoom for track view;
- GPS support;
- Elevation profile;
- Waypoints with pictures;
- Track saving;
- Advanced power management.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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