This GPS utility is not a usual speedometer. This program measures the speed of your car by using the obtained data from satellites (minimum number of which is 4). And you must have an internal or external (Bluetooth) GPS-receiver to use this useful utility.

Special Features:

• Analog and digital display;
• Changes the maximum speed;
• Velocimetry is in km/h or miles/h;
• Automatically determines the integrated GPS-receiver;
• Displays additional information, like latitude, longitude, altitude and satellites;
• The device doesn’t disable while the program is running;

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Navizon is a freeware application for the peer to peer cordless positioning. It always has free updates. Program’s network is based on a united database. Users of the GPS devices use Navizon app to map the Wi-Fi and neighbourly area which is serviced by the by the mobile station.


- You can view your friend’s current location, and share your location with people;
- Create and join groups of interests;
- Send SMS to a phone with Navizon;
- Watch a video;
- You can know about your location on a map;
- Search for everything, what is associated with the location;

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You always receive all needed and useful data with the help of this amazing application called FreeCaddie. It uses your built-in GPS. You receive the distances to the front/center/back of greens. FreeCaddie also can measure the length of shots.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application of GPS’s kinds was created by avs777. This weather app uses your built-in GPS to pull radar pictures from third party weather services. It allows you to view pictures in radar or sputnik formats. You can add any location with radar sites.

Special Features:

• It is possible to enter any location manually;
• Various view options and zoom levels;
• App gets weather radar for current GPS location;
• Free map navigation;
• Radar loop is animated;
• Program can be integrated with Showaco TitaniumWeather 4.2 PlugIn.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can share your online location with your friends or with the other websites and online services with the help of helpful service called Fire Eagle. And you can update your current location to Fire Eagle with bLADELocate application for Windows Mobile users.
In other words, you have a great ability to update your location with this app.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Program called Marathon helps you to trace your movement with the GPS-receiver features. It can be your perfect assistant for sporting actions like skiing, running, cycle racing or ice skating.

Extra Features:

• You receive an announce of different statistics in the speaker or headset while sporting activity;
• Use generic time based goal or past records to develop yourself;
• Information records are: time, speed, distance, altitude change;
• Track’s map;
• You can compare your results with the other Marathon users.

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You can use this freeware useful program with Windows Mobile 6 operating sytem. It has a great functionality. Google Maps v3.0 has Latitude. Other features are: My Location, driving directions, business listings, street view, live traffic, transit & walking directions.

You can with Google Latitude next:
You always know about your friends location and you can contact them rapidly. Also it provides complete control over your privacy.

OS: Windows Mobile 6.

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This is freeware GPS software. And it is easy-to-use Geocaching applicaton for Windows Mobile 6/6.1 phones. This program can talk to you. It also covers a range and relocates to the cache site. This feature can be especially useful in regions where the activity is very high. This program is your good assistant if your phone in your pocket. Just use headphones and listen to the guiding voice!

OS: Windows Mobile 6/6.1

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See that it can be random situation in your life when you can forget where you parked your car in case of parade in the park or big sporting event. But you can easily avoid this situation if you use a new GPS application called “Where is…”, that gives you sense of distance and lets you know about the course from your destination without Internet connection. You don’t need to wander around the parking places, because it takes you less time to find your car with the help of this useful application. It also can help in case of boat travel by guiding your way back to the docks.

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Are you fond of geocaching? This app helps you to navigate to specific coordinates and save your GPS moving. Than export it into Google Earth.

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