iContact 0.95 free download

iContact 0.95

iContact is an all-inclusive handy contact manager for Windows Mobile phones. It’s simply skinnable, intuitive PocketPC, which replaces the standard Windows Mobile contact chooser.

Now the translations are obtainable for over then 25 languages. “iContact” supports true VGA skins. But also, it will sustain any screen size!

The newest version fixes a few errors and also adds a couple special extras. Now Windows Mobile 6.5 users can prefer to “create shortcut” for a contact and their buddy’s photo will now show up in the start menu.


- Added “Remove Shortcut” button.
- Added “createshortcut” and “removeshortcut” to language box file.
- Added contact shortcut icons to start menu shortcuts for Windows Mobile 6.5.
- Fixed outgoing calls to numbers with no name displaying.

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