This cool browser for pda, which has a support for Silverlight, Flash, and it has the most useful functions and features of any desktop browser. This version is more rapid, than you think. This useful feature is occured thanks to a server upgrade.


- Support for the screens of high resolution;
- Smooth zoom;
- Intuitive full-screen mode;
- Sleeker interface;
- Added support for (W)VGA;
- Kitetic scroll;
- Enlarged visibility of the browser;
- Silverlight 1.5 and Flash 10 support;
- “Fireplace” is a home screen.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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It is the latest and special release of the best PPC software browsers.

Special Features :

- Opera Link;
- Download manager;
- UI is more finger-friendly on touch devices;
- Possible to manage search engines;
- Opera remembers page position and zoom state when moving in history;
- Column snapping also on touch;
- Better memory management;
- Fix for mobile view crash;
- Start page available from touch menu;
- Lots of minor bug fixes;
- Clear cache setting;
- Asks whether to set Opera as default browser on install;

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This software is a visually stunning weather app for your BlackBerry device.

You receive instant access to current conditions and detailed everyday forecasts for over 72.000 locations worldwide. You get the weather advisories and alerts for any location within the United States. Keep up to ten locations at the same time and switch between them with a flick of the trackball.

Special Features:

- No subscribtion!
- Current conditions including "Feels like" temperature, wind, pressure, dew point, humidity;

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It is an advanced chat client for Windows Mobile devices. Nimbuzz handles a big number of instant messenger protocols. This freeware software supports Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo Messenger, Skype, AIM, studiVZ, GoogleTalk, ICQ, MySpace, Facebook, Jabber, etc.

Key Features:

- Free sharing of media files;
- Free Voice/Text messaging;
- Free advanced chat;
- Phonebook Backup and Restore for free;
- “Buzz” notifications for free;
- You can call worldwide for local cost.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This software isn’t in need of advertisement. Download this version for mobile phones and look at some features of it.


- Support for WM smartphones and PPCs;
- Advanced today screen;
- Proxy support;
- Skype-to-Skype calls for free, support for SkypeOut/In, voicemail and call forwarding;
- User friendly interface;
- Access to the program just in one click;
- Multi-person chat;
- Contact list with avatars and status;
- Advanced profile settings.

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This program is the most popular Twitter app for PDAs. It has not only a beautiful interface, but it is multifunctional at the same time. You can perform any function of Twitter. You can even post your GPS location.

Some Features:

- App is very easy-to-use;
- You can send tweets;
- Fetch/delete/save as favorites tweets;
- Message marking;
- Trend viewing;
- Online search;
- GPS location sedning;
- Picture sharing;
- Adjustable themes and fonts;
- And much more!

Requirements: BlackBerry OS 4.3 or higher.

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“WI-FI Remote Access” is a free Pocket PC application which will permit you to search the content of your Windows Mobile Phone straight from your PC, through the WI-FI connection without installing any client app on the computer!

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Now you can have the new beta version of the windows mobile version of Opera Mobile. Version 10 brings a complete new browsing skill to windows mobile.


- Now you can set up to 9 sites for quick access from the home page.
- A new Tab Manager with thumbnail foretaste.
- Built in Password manager that automatically saves username and passwords and auto fill these upon page load.
- Faster page loads and less data charges for you.
- Also you can have bookmark manager, history, double tap to zoom in, smooth scroll for webpages, landscape support, etc…

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Talkonaut 5.0 is the mobile calling application for Windows Mobile.

Talkonaut 5.0 is a freeware pocket PC for Windows Mobile that supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks both for chatting and voice calling. It permits you to make free VoIP over GPRS/EDGE calls, as well as calls over 3G, or WI-FI.


- IM chat and group chat.
- Presence and status.
- Chat history and avatars.
- Calling over GPRS, 3G or W-IFI.
- Calling to GTalk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and iChat
- SIP support.
- GPRS or WI-FI auto-switching.
- Touch screen.

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The settings menu of moTweets gives you some options to help personalize your knowledge. Thanks to this program you can enables or disable sound and vibration alerts, select refresh intervals (manual, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours), choose languages, choose from 3 skins, enlarge the timeline view and more. Also, you can choose how many tweets to show on the timeline (25, 50, 100, 200).

Panoramic Soft’s moTweets’ user interface has one of the best Twitter applications.

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