MySpace is a product of Hrhnick. It is a simple shell of the mobile site. This application makes use of the gadget capabilities of Windows Mobile 6.5. But it’s important to say that it is only for WM6.5. It should, however, render in all resolutions.

Note: extort the “.wgt” and click to install it.

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Here are the pluses of this program: it keeps you away from your phone, it let’s you drive safer, it notifies you, it makes you feel like you are not waiting and killing your time at all.
With help of Connecting Notifier you will fill a short vibration each time your outgoing call gets picked up. And finally, it's free to download and it takes only 8 KB.

This app is presented for both the Samsung PocketPCs and Smartphones including the Omnia, Epix, Blackjack II, Jack and Propel Pro.

- Reduces chance of damage to the brain from extreme radiation.

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This app allows you to cut down URL's to make them more pleasant for exploit in giggle and SMS messages or mobile e-mail, averting links form wrapping in e-mail helps them maintain their click ability when sending them.

Thanks’ to this program you can use URL cutting services via the net but the clipboard interaction is more weighty than using a small utility.

- Auto places URL's from clipboard into revision window on application launch.
- After revision the snipped URL is placed on the clipboard for use in your SMS or e-mail.
- Fixed checking for update.

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fixOperaFlash is a pocket PC application that allows windows mobile users to enable Flash 9 compatibility ( but some ActionScript 3.0 scripts are not supported.)

It will automatically install and constitute everything you need to make your Opera work with Flash support.

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Now you can have seven applications for phone to computer wireless net contact in one ultimate software collection. Each program is unique for Symbian based phones.

1. SymRDP - full Remote Access to computer from your touchscreen mobile phone!
2. SymVPN - protect your phone Internet link with PPTP VPN client!
3. SymNAS - permits you to use PC to browse all phone files.
4. SymSync - totally automated file management between phone and PC.
5. SymPlayer - play MP3 files straight from your computer.
6. Telexy Network Browser - use your phone to surf computer files from anywhere.

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ICQ Mobile brings you all the best features of ICQ from your PC to your windows mobile phone. Its a free pocket pc software

* Chat with everyone, everywhere using mobile chat
* Get friends status updates on mobile
* Log in quickly and easily
* Manage your Contact List

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ServersMan is a pocket PC software which allows you to carry around your own web server to distribute it to the world.

- Basic Web server and network storage.
- Pictures and movies can be sent conveniently.
- Publish audio, picture and your current GPS location.
- Transmit files on your Windows Mobile and publish it.
- Emotion Link technology provides the SSL encrypted secure connection over LAN and WAN.
Both Wi-Fi and 3G are supported. Files are accessible via ordinary web access through

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PIGEON is the first PDA messenger, which combines all following characteristics:

- Pleasant interface facilitates your chat use.
- Last consistency with special Windows Mobile Professional and Smartphone tools and screen resolutions.
- Incredibly low system requirements: only 500KB RAM and ROM appended to greater workspeed even on 200MHz devices.
- Well-matched with the most of extra hardware keyboards for PDAs and smartphones.
- Included spam cleaner.
- Packed support of UNICODE.
- Support of various instant messaging services: ICQ, XMPP, Jabber and GTalk. way to join

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Now you can transform your Windows Mobile into a Network Camera with TinyCAM 0.8.0.

This application provides a method of usage of built-in camera. It can connect via the web browser on another computer (PDA) for remote monitoring. The main condition is the presence of Wi-Fi.
If it is required by the network operator you can use a motion detector + FTP upload feature for captured images to FTP-server.

You need:
NET Compact Framework 3.5 and devices with built-in camera.

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Facebook 1.1 is an official application for Windows Mobile.
Microsoft upgraded Facebook Marketplace to 1.1 (formerly

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