This useful software allows you to solve your usual question about advanced instant messaging, because it supports Jabber, ICQ, Good Talk, Facebook, AOL, YAHOO, iChat/MobileMe, Gadu-Gadu.

The Latest Improvements:

- Refreshed install and uninstall process;
- You can update it optional;
- Advanced Tab size options;
- Contact list with a special filter, which allows you to have an independent list for any community;
- Spam filter;
- You can Edit your Profile right from the overview screen;
- Detail expansion display works automatically;
- Mousewheel assistance;

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This program inroduces to you sports application, which was created for all fans of NFL. This application will perfectly fit you, if you’re interested in events of National Football League life.

Main Features:

- Live TV channel;
- Usually updated statistics;
- Interesting videos;
- Fantasy Football;
- News and Pictures of all kinds to fit any taste;
- Schedules and Scores;
- Standings.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This little tool can solve a problem, that can catch anyone. This progam checks your sync connection to find some bugs and fix them. It can also help you in case of established connection that doesn’t work correctly.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Perform all the features you can do with your Twitter account on your pocket device thanks to the application called Twobile. This is the last version of Twobile app which includes many useful updates.

This mobile application is freeware program. It can fit people who want to have a handy twitter client or for the current users who want to update their app version.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Now you can change the user agent on Opera Mobile with the help of this helpful and handy utility.

1) No proxy, user agent set to match mobile Safari’s – OPS iPhone
2) No proxy, user agent set to Opera’s default – OPS Opera Mobile Standard
3) No proxy, user agent set to “HTC-P4600/1.2 Opera/9.50 – OPS Opera Mobile Standard 2
4) Proxy of the Media Net – OPS AT&T Fuze
5) Proxy of the Media Net – OPS Firefox.

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Opera Mobile is the best browser for PDA running on Windows Mobile 5.0-6.1. This browser supports all the major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2 and javascript. Opera Mobile 9.5 is based on the engine of the latest version of all-known browser for the PC, therefore it supports all the latest Web standards and mobile widgets.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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SMSSpaminator software is SMS/MMS /E-Mail spam filter. This program is very actual nowadays, because there is too much spam in the web.

Application moves all annoying messages to a special Spam-folder. All you need to do is just create a spam filter. App also has an answering machine and multilanguge support.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Get a new Twitter experience using your pocket phone! You can perform all the actions that can be performed with your stationary computer thanks to the application called moTweets, which is the latest Twitter client for WM devices.

New Improvements:

- Conversations showing;
- Trends can be viewed;
- Color coding;
- Twitpic pictures downloading;
- Cosy scroll arrow;
- Translations on Dutch;
- All tiny bugs are fixed.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Try this useful tool to edit the weather data base in the app called Manila2D WeatherCities Editor.

Special Features:

- App almost supports for all phones;
- You can manage your database;
- You can add/delete/edit cities;
- Corresponing weather code searching;
- You can clean the default data base and add needed cities.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application is a very easy-to-use calculator for Farmville of Facebook. It operates everything by simply:

- Count the time of your next attendance;
- View the best three crops for you;
- It always asks you for your size of plantation;
- App calculates everything you want.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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