Try this easy-to-use twitter client for pocket WM devices. It can be your perfect assistant, if you want to send any tweet at night when you’re in the event.

Special Features:

- Huge and clean screen area for all the tweets’ features;
- VGA/WVGA screen resolution support;
- Hardware keyboard support;
- Full Portrait and Landscape modes assistance;
- User-friendly interface;
- Full updates assistance.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This powerful radio application for pocket Windows Mobile phones has RDS decoding (RDS is a popular European standart and it supports for Radio Data System).

You receive more data through RDS than you can receive with any other radio software, because some digital information is invisible for you without RDS.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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The latest version 2.3 of well-known WM Facebook Chat app called Fim is available for your use. The latest improvements are the “Add to Contacts” function and Facebook notifications to popup.

Extra Features :

- Facebook Chat;
- Integrated Internet Browser;
- You can upload images and videos with your pocket device;
- Updates of your Status;
- Chat Notifications;
- Facebook Notification Indicator is available;
- Unread Messages Indicator;
- App supports all the screen resolutions;
- Finger-friendly interface;

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MemoMe software was designed by ZeevG. It’s a light app that allows you to record your memo when you have any idea or remember something you don’t want to forget. For example, you are out shopping or driving. You can find it in your mailbox and easily customize everything you want.

App runs on all Windows Mobile devices.

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You can use this freeware useful program with Windows Mobile 6 operating sytem. It has a great functionality. Google Maps v3.0 has Latitude. Other features are: My Location, driving directions, business listings, street view, live traffic, transit & walking directions.

You can with Google Latitude next:
You always know about your friends location and you can contact them rapidly. Also it provides complete control over your privacy.

The Latest Improvements:

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You can receive exact forecast for over 70 SA towns and cities with the help of this freeware application for Windows Mobile devices. And be sure, it’s raining or sun is shining, you will always know about it! Enjoy and always be well-informed.

Application runs on Windows Mobile platform.

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What team do you support? It can be Brazilians, Urban Warriors, Amakhosi or Bucs. It doesn’t matter. Main sense is to get the latest PSL news, results, logs, fixtures, etc. right from your pocket device. And you will have an ability to know everything you wish with the help of the Windows Mobile application called PSL Soccer. So, download and always be well-informed!

Application runs with the Windows Mobile platform.

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This beta application is a Google Voice dialer for Windows Mobile users. And notice, gVo 0.30 Beta can be your best solution of Google Voice dialer, because Google company has no release of official version.

Extra Features:

- Choose dials and contact;
- Enter in a non-contact number and dials;
- VGA support;
- Landscape support is limited;
- Skin support is limited, but you can easily change sounding and graphics;
- SMS/CallBack/Inbox/Voicemail are Google online functions;
- Method of the Calling Card;

Application runs with the Windows Mobile platform.

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Try this mobile blogging app on your pocket WM device. Program assists Blogger, and Live Spaces, LiveJournal and MovableType/TypePad. You need a connection only in case if you want to refresh your blog or setup your blogging accounts. Save your blog posts locally when they are in editing or writing condition. And the local copy is removed from your device after the publishing to keep the storage space. moBlog also can retrieve your last 20 posts.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Get to the next level with the development of Windows Mobile software. Is Parlingo not for you? So, choose AIM version 2.0 in that case!

Add all your twitter and facebook accounts with the help of this app. You will have an useful possibility to tab through your online friends using just one application. This utilite is free!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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