This program is a new free-running Facebook application. This freeware Facebook soft has five various tabs:

• Home. You always know your News Feed and any Updates with this tab;
• Profile. View your own or someone’s Wall, Info and Photos;
• Phonebook. Call any of your Facebook friends;
• Friend. It is a list of all your friends and their activity;0
• Inbox. See your Inbox/Outbox/Notifications/Requests with this tab.

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.

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This amzing mobile browser was designed by the Firefox creators. And you can use all features of Firefox on your Windows Mobile phone. Fennec's custom interface controls are rebuilt to be CSS based totally. This program assists Add-ons (for example, Twitter add-on).

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Everyone can have a two way communication Pocket PC device which is handy for short range transmissions. So, you can have it, too! It is very easy with program called 4Talk. You create a mini walkie talkie network by pairing the several number of Pocket PCs. 4Talk uses Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth. You can use created network as long as your device has an IP address and your net is configured.

Key Features:

• Program has 16 independent channels and separate Emergency channel;
• Microphone Lock;
• You can see who is online and the information about the channel;
• Full Duplex Mode;

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You can fast download the data about "America's Army" player acccount with the help of this Windows Mobile application. Fill out the application form by standart way (enter username and passcode) to see “Experience required for next level” and “Honor” data. Want you see other information? It is very easy. Just perform an additional click to see Training, Tours, Personal Jacket, etc.

Program Installation:
Extracted to a temporary folder zip file has only one file (ArmyStats.exe). So, you copy it to the device’s start menu and run it.

Operaying System: Windows Mobile.

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Do you need qualitative and highly workable IP-TV on your pocket Windows Mobile device? Spb TV application will help you in this case! This useful freeware software has a lot of needed and easy settings with big number of features. You also can choose any language to use it.

Spb TV Special Features:

• You can select from many public channels with over ten languages;
• App has an Integrated TV guide;
• Useful Picture-in-picture Mode;
• You can rapidly switch the channels;
• You operate different functions with on-screen controls;
• Volume & backlight controls;
• Outlook reminders.

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This application gives you the opportunity to show your device screen on PC at real time, record any video, make snapshots. And you can share this all on Skype with connection through Bluetooth, WiFi or USB.

Other Special Features:

• Effective snapshot funcionality;
• Video recording with with MS MovieMaker or other applications with the help of webcam driver of the app;
• Sharing the screen on Skype, IM and other apps of this kind. You need to choose “Mobiola Video Source” as web camera in Mobiola Screen Capture 1.0.8 app to perform this.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This application is for you, if you are addictive to Twitter. It is freeware application for your Windows Mobile phone. You just need to enter your data from Twitter into Twikini and see how it imports your account details.

You can see your friends on screen in a clear timeline view. You have a possibility to customize your display by changing the font size, the number of appearing tweets, the name of display. Twikini has a feature of pimping, so you can easy choose one of many cool themes!

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It is indisputable that Skyfire takes its place in a variety of modern mobile web navigation programs. It has privileges, such as It works fast, It is the only pocket mobile browser that assists all major Web 2.0 standards and It’s free to use! It overcomes Flash 10, JavaScript, Ajax, Silverlight and more.

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This application will be very useful for you for everyday using. ProfiMail 3.14 is answer on all your questions in communication case! You will feel how it can be easy to navigate many messages on screen at time during reading. You can always be in touch with your friends, use ProfiMail for your professional work, send any documets or other information from yor pocket device.

ProfiMail Features:

• Mail server is automatically synchronized with messages;
• App has IMAP folders;
• There are HTML messages with links and images;
• View, save, send – attachments;

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You have friends on Google Talk, Yahoo!, MSN, Skype, etc. It takes you a lot of time to find online friend on any of these applications. But it is no problem, if you have fring 3.40 Beta on your pocket mobile device! You have a single platform with all your online friends, which are available in one place.

This useful application assists many chat services including Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk. You also have an opportunity to check Facebook updates, use Twitter feeds and listen to the music on on with the help of it.

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