SymPlayer 1.00 is one of the best MP3 players with one exclusive and individual aspect – wireless audio streaming directly from PC.
This feature allows you to playback MP3 files in a straight line from net locations. Using this app you can surf your net for MP3 content or just play everything in “Play List”. You can do all this wirelessly (WiFi, 3G).

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Now you can watch the best Internet TV on your mobile phone or PC with the Channer the World TV tuner. This app runs through Wi-Fi or 3G.


- You can watch best World TV channels: news, music, weather, sports and entertainment 24/7.
- Modernized 300 channels, and daily revised.
- Huge variety of selected channels, structured by categories.
- Riddle to find a channel by "category", "country" or "language", or by typing its name directly.
- Cooperate with a channel posting live comments.
- Form your list of much loved channels.
- 24/7 streams presented around the world.

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This program was developed to facilitate your work which is closely associated with editing of any picture. You can perform simple and advanced editing operations thanks to its intuitive and good-looking Graphical User Interface.

Main Features and Capacities:

- Big number of painting tools;
- Handy photo correction tools;
- Program is easier to use than the other expensive editors, but it gives all features you need;
- Resize and Crop;
- You can add text;
- Add Borders or Overlap your pictures;
- Mask addition or Picture Frame use;

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This program introduces an easy-to-use sinewave synthesizer for WM devices to you. This synthesizer is triggered by a customary sequencer with 12×9 step. You can use it anywhere and anytime, because it emulates pleasant ToneMatrix.


- Use your finger to click on different bubbles;
- Clear the screen with left, right, up, and down;
- You need to press Enter if you want to exit.

Requirements: Flash7, Windows Mobile OS.

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You can find this application very interesting and useful, if you don’t have 6.5.x ROMs, because an archive for download consists of 18 Ringtones and alerts from WM 6.5.

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This application is a perfect guitar tuner for your Windows Mobile device. It works with a method of the detection of any note you play, thereby it allows you to tune your musical instrument.

Special Features:

- App is very easy in usage;
- This tuner perfectly fits guitarists;
- Intuitive interface;
- App works with any sound input device;
- Tuning of any note;
- Exact pitch detection;
- You can check fret board intonation.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Try this original sonar on your pocket Windows Mobile device. This useful application works with a method of echo detecting from various obstacles.
The SonarCE application is fully exact around 5-10 centimeters at distance of 10 metres. The distance parameters depend only on the output power of your phone and the speaker.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Now you can watch .swf files on your Windows Mobile device with the help of useful application called Flash Player 7. This application is totally free!

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This application will be very interesting and useful for people who want to refresh a look of the TouchFlo background. So, download this app to customize it to your taste and design unique HQ wallpapers for the TouchFlo 3D interface from the pictures on your PC with the easy way.

Three Steps of Wallpaper creation:

1. Load Picture;
Press Load or drag&drop;
Select Crop and Resize functions (program can do it automatically if you press Auto Crop and Resize).
2. Press “Create CAB”;
Then “Include Landscape / Portrait Wallpapers”;
Press “Convert”;

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This program is a very handy music search engine that works online. You can search, stream, upload, create your own playlists. It allows you to perform everything for free. By several words, this software is a powerful online music streaming application.

You can play your favorite songs anytime and anywhere thanks to the Groovefish app, which is a client for the Grooveshark service for Windows Mobile 6.0.

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