This application is multiple day cinema listings application for pocket devices.

Extra Features:

- Yahoo based;
- Search works with town or postcode;
- GPS lookup support;
- Call cinema;
- Google Maps link;
- Cineme data screen;
- Movies list cast data, poster, Synopsis, runtime;
- Schedule updates;
- Various locations for download;
- Possibility to ignore cinemas;
- Handy scroller control.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This useful tool allows you to interact with your accelerometer and screen of your phone. You’re able to do this in a 3D-like atmosphere, because this program is a holographic engine.

This impressive application is like in a demo condition and it consists of a preview hologram environment, but it allows you to create a movable cube thanks to all the features and tools.

Requirements: WVGA device, Windows Mobile platform.

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It is a very handy to have the application like this, because it allows you to sound any sound very fast, like horns, gongs, buzzers, bells, etc. App supports for the WVGA devices.


- A single/double buzzer;
- A desk bell;
- A door bell;
- A horn;
- A gong;
- The nuke button;
- The D-Day cricket.

*Little tip. You will have to press the center of the gong to stop the sound.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This Windows Mobile app for the music recognition is a loolalike of the all-known Shazam application. It was created by the xda developers and it allows you to identify the music. This app has 2 new features as against the previous version.


- Totally workable Menu;
- Full support for any connection!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can easily transform your pocket Windows Mobile phone into a powerful media device with the help of this amazing app.


- You can listen to the music;
- You can watch any image;
- You can play any video;
- You can receive the latest podcasts, vodcasts and RSS feeds;
- You can can control this app using your finger;
- And much more.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Endless streaming music for your pocket Windows Mobile device is available for you now with the help of this amazing application.

Download and enjoy all the services of this application that streams music from Grooveshark’s Internet resources.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This app is a high-powered drawing and picture editing program for pocket Windows Mobile devices. You can edit and retouch images, add extra effects and unique text, develop the Internet graphics, and more with this amazing software!

Special Features:

- PSD, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, J2K pictures support;
- Different Painting tools, like a Paintbrush, Pencil, and others with sketch mode;
- You can scale/rotate many pictures at once;
- IPTC/EXIF support;
- Caption Editor;
- Layer, masks, channels assistance;
- Gradient, Paintbucket, and fast shape tools;

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Play and browse your favorite music with the help of this easy-to-use program! This sofware is a player app of amazing iPhone types. You don’t need to have a stylus to use it. Supported music formats are .mp3, .mp4, .aac, .wma. Just download and enjoy all the features you can find! Any feature will satisfy any desire of the user of this stunning application for Windows Mobile devices.

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The latest release of the hit of Windows Mobile circles is available for your usage! Take the advantage of all useful features of the refreshed application called Resco Photo Viewer Alpha 2.

The Latest Improvemets:

- Start in Folder;
- Scroller and Tools have a feature of automatical hiding;
- Use a Document Mode, if you want to read comics or fax;
- Send/Upload Settings;
- All Formats support;
-Advanced View Mode;
- Edit Mode in view;
- Upload to Picasa;
- Add GPS Location;
- Contrast and Gamma settings;
- Delete picture;
- Edit notes.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This helpful software allows you to set up four power profiles. Any of these four profiles can define backlight timeout and power off time for the battery modes and AC. This app also gives you a possibility to set up a default profile that can be used after the soft reset. This is very helpful feature, if you often use the apps which can vary setting to keep your pocket phone unharmed and lead to reset without the exit. This useful application will repair customizes as you want.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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