Do you believe that your Pocket PC can transform into a personal practice amp and effects unit? It is possible! Just try app called StompBox. You can play your guitar without effects pedals or guitar processor with this application.

You can easy create an unique sound. Place in any order chains with up to 9 effects. Then you can save liked sound by saving the entire chain as a preset.

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You can use the chromatic instrument tuner in real time even on your Pocket PC. It is possible with application called 4Pockets Auto Tuner. You need next requirements:

• 206Mhz or ARM/XScale processor;
• 32 Mb memory;
• 1Mb free storage space.

Key Features:

• You can easy tune any instrument;
• Program detects any note automatically;
• Analogue Meter. You can use it for exact tuning;
• Harmonic error recovery;
• Frequency Spectrum;
• Accuracy is about +/- 0.005% at 1Khz;
• Variable trigger levels. You can remove background noise with them.

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This application is unique virtual recording studio! Now you can create own music without any additional soft using your pocket device. And this app can be the only package you need if you try to create complete composition. Because, it helps you to create customized instruments, emulate the sound of classic analog synthesisers, to play not only WAV or MP3 but MIDI on your pocket PC. You control your mix and apply needed multiple effects to every channel with an integrated mixing desk. Digital delay, chorus, phaser, reverb, , low/high pass filters and more are the real time effects.

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Learn to play guitar or keyboards on your pocket PC with this useful tool. It has a big number of chord definitions and inversions. Also, you find many popular guitar tunings. Fingering positions across the fret board and audition notes are viewed. Take everything about the chord groupings. You receive the complete information about what chord you play with feature called “Chord Detector”. App always lets you know when you aren’t in tune.

Special Features:

• Thousands of guitar and keyboard chords;
• App has very qualitative sampled guitar sounds;
• Scales are revealed in any key;

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This useful app is like a good old fashion tape recorder. It provides the “true tape” mechanism. You can to time stretch your recordings with the help of this application. It can be a great solution in reviewing of lectures, seminars and more. You can sample and slow the music down to practice any guitar’s solo if you’re the musician.

Special Features:

• Sample rates are: 16 bit 8,11,22,32 and 44Khz;
• Compression ranges 2K/s to 22K/s;
• Overwrite/append possibility with the “true tape” mechanism;
• Cut/Copy/Paste/Fade In/Fade Out functions;
• Time Shifting;

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Do you want to avoid tiresome and uninteresting meeting or date? Then, you must pay attention to useful application called Fake Ringing 1.0. It always helps you with joy!

This program plays a ringtone of your phone. And people think that someone calls you. You answer this call and you can say: “I am so sorry! But I’ve to go... My cat cannot get down from the roof!”

Certainly, you can ignore or refuse this fake call, but application calls you to turning off anyway. And in addition, program views fake caller’s photo!

Application Features:

• Wide screen for easy control;

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Edit any image with the easy-to-use truecolor paint application for Windows Mobile devices called PocketBrush 1.3.

Special Features:

• You can easy load/save PNG/JPEG/BMP images and import GIF/2BP images;
• Use unique selection tools like Lasso, Polygonal Lasso, Magic Wand, Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee;
• Use paint tools, such as Brush, Airbrush, Pen, Spraycan and Eraser;
• Use Filter Brush Tools: Blur, Sharpen, Lighter, Darker, Smudge, Tint, Red Eye Reduction and Healing;

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This app is a heavy duty D&D attack roller. It is for monks with high level, fighters and for all who wants to save the time. This application can roll and display all attack rolls, if you Enter weapon information from character form. It also can view the ultimate damage to the enemy and all damage rolls for problem-free attacks. D&D Attack Roller 1.2 has 12 positions for simple dice rolls. The feature of this application is remembering of recent spells without overwrite.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This versatile and unique digital media player called RealPlayer always helps you play everything you find.

Extra Features:

• All-known media formats support like Avi, Quicktime MPEG-4, DVD, Windows Media and more!;
• Online Radio;
• Advanced CD burning with MP3 encode options;
• Expanded Controls with advancrd video controls and 10-Band Graphic Equalizer;
• Toolbar Display Mode;
• Manual Media Conversion;
• Video Controls;
• Crossfade;
• Record with the help of Mic/Line In;
• You can fast and easy browse the web, create own playlists, organize audio & video files and more!

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Do you want to put DVD movies, videos or audios on your Palm? This multimedia application called DVD to Palm Converter 1.5 will help you to do this and other useful operations! This Palm Converter makes convert operations to DVD Movie, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, YouTube Video to Palm Pre, Palm Treo and Palm Centro. This useful application can easy rip copyrigh DVD and successfully convert video including AVI, MPEG, WMV, FlV, MOV, MKV, MP4, 3GP, 3GPP, MPG, VOB, ASF, MP3, WMA, M4A, and more to Palm compliant video and audio.

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