This program is for screen capture for your pocket Windows Mobile device. Ilium Software Screen Capture application is freeware, but it works with quick speed and easy captures the screen of your device. You can do the capture operation in two ways: with the help of an extra button and timer. But you wait some time in a second occurrence.

Instructions to Use:

• Firsty, you launch this program on your pocket device;
• Second step is choosing of an extra key. Options menu allows it to do;
• You must leave the program in opened condition;

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Who likes to feel annoyance after the manually rotation of the screen? You can forget all your painful problems about rotating screen manually, if use this application. You can try it, if you have G-sensor on your Windows Mobile device.

Application Features:

• You can choose an option of synchronous work of this application with your device;
• You can control the screen switcher by starting and stopping possibilities;
• Opera is default browser, because it works with G-sensor;

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It is for our Polish visitors. Application called Miasto Muzyki is for music radio listening on Windows Mobile device from the Internet platform You also can see CD covers and text of playing file using this application. The package of more than 50 different music stations is available. The Internet platform Miasto Muzyki was launched by the RMF Group in 2007.

The content was expanded through the Internet (wma) with the help of iTunes and digital platform ‘N’.

Basic services:

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theChanner allows you to stream more than 160 channels right on your WM device. The social element gives you options youto bookmark and share your favorite channels with other theChanner users.

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Sound Manager allows you to choose any sound file as a ringtone or event sound, even if the file is placed in the storage card, and do this without copying the file to the device memory. Sound Manager is a must for smartphones. Also features some additional options , such as repeat the sound or play only once, display a message on screen, vibrate and, for Palm users, some different effects: increasing sound and ring once. A built-in player allows to preview the selected sound to ensure is the right file.

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Excellent comic book & image viewer.
PictoPocket Features:
* Full-featured comic book & image viewer
* Requires WM 5.0 or greater, and .NET Compact Framework 3.5 * Reads .CBDS (ComicBookDS) file format only.
- This format, originally created for the Nintendo DS, is optimized for viewing comic books on small screen devices.
- Use PictoDS to convert your image scans, PDF files, CBR files, or CBZ files into CBDS format.
* Custom zoom level, 100%, or fit to screen
* Thumbnail page index
* Remembers last comic book opened
* Remembers last position in each comic book

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A traditional Japanese game known also as Five-Stones, Five-In-Row, Five-In-Line, Nought&Crosses, Make-Five, Renju, Gobang, Piskvorky... The winner is the player with a continuous line of five stones (marks). The line might be either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.
mGomoku (Mothiva Gomoku) is a fight between heaven and hell. Choose your favourite character (devil or angel) and play the game on 19x19 board. You can choose one of three strategies and 5 possible levels (depth of thinking) per each strategy.

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A powerful but user friendly graphing software for your WM device. Plog various graphs and analyze them.
- Plot Cartesian (Y=F(x)) functions
- Adjust the resulted plot (zoom in and out plus dragging function)
- Analyze Function - Save Plot to bitmap (*.bpm) file

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FamousWhy Editor:
FoxyTag is a software designed to locate speed cameras on a Symbian mobile phones. Its features include :
- Mark speed cameras virtually on the map.
- Warns you 15 secondsprior you get near a speed camera.
- Shows a red point on the screen marking the location of the speed camera.
It will help you prevent needless traffic fines by staying within speed limits in locations where speed cameras as mounted, absolutely legally.

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1Liner is an app that gives access to one liners, yo mama jokes, jokes by famous people and Chuck Norris jokes.

Features: user-friendly interface, random jokes so that you read a different joke each time, add jokes, category and favorite jokes, copy and delete, store jokes, support WQVGA, WVGA, VGA and QVGA!

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