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Превратите КПК в IP-телефон. Поддерживается стек SIP. Программа полностью интегрируется в ваше устройство.
Поддерживаемые кодеки:
• Standard audio — G711, MS-GSM
• Wideband audio — G.722



* Support Pocket PC 2003/2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5.0
* Support for playback of Flash-files using the built-in Macromedia Flash Player on devices running Pocket PC2003 or 2003SE
* Faster loading Web-pages with the original display HTML-text and hyperlinks
* Support for Java (J2ME CDC)
* Support for client identification
* Multi-view mode (you can open up to 5 pages at once)
* Support for the regime Smart-Fit Rendering, which formats Web-page to the screen of PDA, that is, you can view them without horizontal scrolling
* Support Drag-Scroll
* Support for sending / downloading files
* Save image
* Off-line browsing
* Support for Outlook Web Access
* Support for the latest W3C-specifications:-HTML4.01, XHTML1.1, cHTML, XHTML Basic 1.0, WML1.3-CSS 1 & 2-ECMAScript 3rd Edition (JavaScript 1.5)-DOM and Dynamic HTML - GIF, animated GIF, BMP , PNG, JPEG and MNG -HTTP/1.1 -SSL2.0/3.0, TLS1.0-Cookies
* And much more ...

New in version 3.3:

* Support for VGA-display
* Smart Frame Operation
* Password manager and web-based data
* Pop-Up Blocker
* Support for RSS and Atom news feeds
* Translate pages
* The ability to install a virtual screen size (Virtual Canvas)
* NetFront SMIL Player
* NetFront SVG Viewer

Compatible with Pocket PC:
ARM processor and above
Windows Mobile 2003 (Pocket PC 2003, Windows CE 4.20) and higher
Language: English

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