This useful software represents the offline Romanian explanatory dictionary, which can be run on Android devices.

You will need to install it to the SD card of your device, because this dictionary requires a lot of free space. This soft is totally free!

You have an opportunity to store the explanation to list file for any word on the SD card for further usage by simple clicking on a word explanation.

Special Requirements: Android OS.

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Use the Finansist for PDA to track your finances with the ability to synchronize with multiple devices.


Finansist can operate without access to the Internet.

System Requirements:

WM5 - WM6.5

Special Features:

.NET Compact Framework 3.5



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Here is a handy translator for BlackBerry devices.

You receive fast and reliable program for translation.

All you need to do is just choose a language and enter the text. Then you press Translate. And voilà!

Application support more than 80 languges for translation.

Operating System: BlackBerry 3.6 or higher.

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Here is an all-in-one finance application, which is designed for professional/personal use. Program enables WM users to keep track of their Expenses and Revenues. This app makes the process of tracking your money even more exciting and fun thanks to very finger friendly, eye catching, and unique animation designs. winmoFinance can display the the currency symbol, which is based on the regional setting of your phone.

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This software is an extra application, which consists of 970 audio eBook titles. It has advanced search features, which allows you to search by book title or author name.

It is required 'BeanDLL.dll' file and the runtime files for Visual Basic. You can find this files in the archive for download.


- Visual basic runtime files;
- BeanDLL.dll file;
- Windows Mobile OS.

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This is Windows Mobile program, which gives you a possibillity to read any E-book.

Main Features:

- ePub (DRM-free), TXT and HTML format support;
- Touch screen devices support;
- Any screen resolution support;
- Landscape and Portrait modes support;
- Settings for fonts, colors and controls;
- App runs on the Windows Mobile 2003, 5, 6 or higher.

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This advanced software is a Google translation application for pocket WM devices. Google Translator allows you to translate the added text that you add into the next languages:

1. Arabic
2. Belarusian
3. Bulgarian
4. Czech
5. Dutch
6. English
7. French
8. German
9. Greek
10. Indonesian
11. Italian
12. Polish
13. Portuguese
14. Russian
15. Slovak
16. Turkish
17. Ukrainian

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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“MoNotes” is a simple note application for Windows Mobile. Now it is only obtainable in QVGA resolution, but the developer is taking requests for other screens.
MoNotes sustains portrait and landscape views for special preferences. Also, it can be skinned by users.


- Easy to use.
- Friendly interface.

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“ShortCAD” is app for Pocket PC that make public the simplicity of well known CAD products just onto the palm of your hand! This program brings basic models of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system. With ShortCAD you can generate and edit 2D vector-graphic illustrations and templates.

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Techparaiso contain the calculator from the HTC HD2. This application sustains scenery and portrait mode and is accessible for all resolutions.

There are two separate editions offered: one for the memory card and the other for the main memory. They have also released the OEM descriptions for chefs via Pocketnow.

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