Try this the latest WM software that is a cool notes application. It was created by MyLostBlog team. Application has a refreshed interface. Just look at the picture.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This software is a freeware Windows Mobile application, which is fully Unicode Compatible text editor. Program works with any Unicode compatible input way.

Application allows you to create/edit/openedit/save any text file that have a mix of English/Farsi characters.

You will need Windows Mobile 5+ and .NET CF v2.0 to run this useful app.

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This Windows Mobile software is a simple application for notes taking. You can use it almost on all screen sizes of devices. TypeNote was designed for the HTC Diamond.

Special Features:

- Notes list;
- Categories list;
- Past text copying;
- Current date/time insertion;
- You can separately save all the notes;
- Landscape and portrait modes;
- Notes/Scans for folders with TXT files.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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This useful Windows Mobile application is an incontestable leader among the other vocabulary apps. It has a huge database! So, you must have it for sure, because it is the largest and most all-embracing vocabulary with optional audio articulation.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Office Communicator Mobile Mobile R2 converts mobile device into a full terminal of system of Unified Communications (UC). Mobile phone of any company can become a necessary communication device and an important complement to the desktop version of Microsoft Office Communicator to work in a unified communications environment based on technology of Microsoft OCS with the help of this useful program.

The Latest Features:

• You can join Unified Communications conference calls with a simple button’s click;

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Super Ruler app is a ruler and protractor in your pocket Windows Mobile device.

Extra Features:

• Ruler and protractor;
• Centimeters and inches;
• Protractor works in static and dynamic modes;
• App doesn’t require a lot of memory;
• QVGA (320x240), VGA (640x480), RealVGA support;
• Horizontal and vertical modes support;
• Full screen mode;
• Automatic calibration for all the screens;
• Program runs with Windows Mobile OS.

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You can use this program to keep track of your finances. And be able to be synchronized with numerous computers.

Special Features:

• This is a freeware app;
• You can make flexible reports and graphs;
• Permission to access;
• Regular pays;
• Database backup;
• User-friendly interface;
• Numerous accounts support;
• Few kinds of currencies;
• Update currency rates from the web;
• List of categories has a tree look;
• Payments have comments;
• Auto-update function;
• Windows Mobile version is synchronized with PC version.

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You find this program interesting if you need a web-ready 32-bit text, code, and HTML editor for Windows. Besides, it gives a lot of useful features for the Internet page creators and programmers, like CSS, ASP, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Perl, and HTML. You use an easy integrable Internet browser for previewing HTML pages and FTP instructions to upload any local file to an FTP servers. Program also has HTML toolbar, line number, ruler, URL highlighting, custom tools, cliptext, column selection, automatical completion, powerful search and replace, and unlimited undo/redo.

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This amazing calculator application has 16 modules, such as Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Matrices, Unit converter, Currency Converter, Base conversion, Graph, Date-time, Equation Solver, Constants, Finance, Statistics, Biorhythm, Tip and User’s macro. HiCalc 20% OFF TODAY is easy-to-use, but this feature doesn’t make it simple. This program is the one of the best calculator apps and it can be your good assistant, because it have full package of calculating functions in each module.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Do you ever want to replace your usual calculator on your mobile phone? Now It is possible with the freeware application called NiceCalc3. This calculator has more handy interface than standart calculator. And be sure, you will like the animation of this superior software calculator!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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