This Windows Mobile application is the incipient version of a touch and drag to play game.
Firstly, you draw some line, and then you can set any moving object, which will chase that line.

How to Use:

1) Draw a line;

2) Click on “Play”;

3)Try to avoid the blue balls named ”goal keepers”.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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This software is an app for auto-rotate of your screen with the HTC Touch Pro / HTC Touch Diamond’s GSensor.

This program is different from the other apps of this kind, because it is written to only perceive firm moves, skipping moves performed by your device moving in your pouch.

Firstly, make sure that your pocket device is in a horizontal position, and then you can force a change by firmly moving your HTC phone to landscape/portrait mode. Just move your phone firmly from a face up to an upside down pos, if you want to know rotate it or not.

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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This software is a free Twitter application for Windows Mobile users.

Extra Features:

- You can view your timeline;
- App views all your buddies and their last tweets;
- Views your tweets
- You can post tweets, reply and retweet;
- User-friendly interface that has a support of an inertial scrolling;
- Avatars download is available;
- You can geotag your tweets
- Google Maps support;
- Pop-up notifications;
- Portrait and landscape assistance;
- Software Input Panel assistance in any mode;
- Copy/View URLs.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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It takes a lot of time using your text editor to design the shortcut files for text message and call sending for special contacts. You need to type text codes and keep in mind the phone number for that special contact. And you have to permorm the same actions again and again... Do you like to do unnecessary job?

LnkMe 1.0 gives you solution for this inconvenient occupation. This useful and easy-to-use program automates all of this! So, try it and save your valuable time.

Application runs on Windows Mobile platform.

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Use this helpful Windows Mobile application to integrate the contacts’ images from your mobile device with profile images of your Facebook buddies. It is a very useful possibility, because your Facebook’s friends can have names different from names from your contacts list, for example.

This application is simple, easy-to-use, but it is a very useful at the same time, so you can bravely download it!

Operating system is Windows Mobile.

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Search and receive the latest information you need with the help of this useful Java application for our pocket devices. So, always get the info, like:

- The lates news of any kind
- Weather forecasts
- Stock billing rates
- Company headlines
- Market news
- Different dictionaries
- Show and movie info
- Podcasts/videocast and pictures with the RSS reader;
- Games
- And more!

Requirements: Windows Mobile OS and Java Midlet Manager.

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People who use Microsoft Recite will need to download a new version, in case of wish for continue to use the application. It allows you to make a record of voice notes, which are recalled later via the speech recognition, if you have not known of recite. It is an auto way of seeking via speech notes for the special note you are searching for. You need to say several tag words, then Recite will find the note with that info for you. This app version has some gfx improvements and agility fixes.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You will certainly like a dice rolling soft called JTKostka if you’re Dungeon Master or RPG player.

Application has 4, 6, 10, 12, 20 and % dice.

All you need to do is just copy into your device downloaded file and run it.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Do you like to shake and scatter a dice? Well, this program was created exactly for you. You also find it handy for Jamb games and D&D seanses.


- Multiple dice throws (e.g. 5D6) support;
- Roll history;
- D4, D6, D8, D10, D20 and D100 dices assistance;
- Supported devices are smartphones and PPCs.

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X-plore Smartphone is an advanced file manager for Windows Mobile devices. In contrast to a standard filemanager, it has a built-in viewer of text and graphics, and can create archives and many other functions. This is not a complete list of features of the X-plore filemanager:

- View files and folders in a tree, including hidden and system;
- Built-in features to view text files, image files, HEX-editor;
- Ability to edit the attributes of files and folders;
- Create folders;
- Copy and relocate files and folders;
- Transfer files and folders through the infrared and Bluetooth;

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