Game Editor is a very useful multimedia tool for game creation. It has intelligible and open interface and big number of cool features. So, download and create your games for PC and pocket mobile devices.

Special Features:

- Principles of development are oriented on events;
- You can delegate any event object to the other actors;
- Multi-level development;
- Special auxiliary actors;
- Transparent actors;
- The number of actors has no limitation;
- Several animations for the actor;
- Hierarchy of actors;
- Ways for the actors;

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This application was created to help you to track any side effects, which can appear owing to drug’s combinations. Take all the features of this useful app and create the list of your visits to a doctor and drug-stores.


- Store recommended dosages of drugs;
- Store all prescribed drugs;
- Store drug’s data;
- Rx Number, Expiration, Number of refills and next Re-Order date information;
- Prescribed drugs list;
- Built-in journal;
- Data about location, phone numbers and hours of work of a doctor or drug-store;
- Track drugs taken each day;
- Notification alerts;

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This app is a handy tool, and it is called Digital Movie List (DML). You can store details about any movie with the help of this app. So, arrange a list of all your favorite movies, rate them and write your own summary! Don’t worry this application is very easy-to-use and it uses the touch screen to facilitate the use.

Some Main Features:

• Store verbose Movie Data;
• You can add your own summary;
• Movie Score option;
• Playback kept Trailers;
• Export to a .csv file for special table import;
• Searching options;
• Settable dates and alarms with the Track Movie;

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This freeware instant messaging client for Windows Mobile users supports Yahoo, ICQ, MSN, AIM, Jabber, Google Talk.

Other Special Features:

• Text messaging;
• Fun emoticons;
• Alert’s variety;
• Managing of buddy and groups;
• File transfer;
• You can send or receive offline messages;
• Links support for files’ downloading.

OS: Windows Mobile.

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Travel Expenses is a special list that helps you in saving track of your travel expenses. Travel Expenses is easy-to-use and it allows you to store expenses incurred while out of city with the help of the touch screen and handy navigation. Travel Expenses doesn’t change the actual company report.

Special Features:

• Track Daily Expenses;
• You can choose from standard expense categories or add new categories;
• You also can add new payment categories;
• Import/Export of the ASCII text file;
• You can preset cost per mile;
• You can preset meal cost limits;

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Today you have an ability to choose through a lot of screen lock apps for Windows Mobile devices, but pay your attention to the latest one called PocketShield, which offers an unique method of locking/unlocking the screen. It uses the light sensor. This feature is for the determination if the pocket device is inside something.

Locking Options:

• Hand gesture;
• Stylus pen out;
• App permissions;
• Press D-pad round button;
• Finger movement over the display from the top towards down.

It also has an useful settings feature of choosing the configuration to fit any user.

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It runs like the many fart apps. It was created by Hibby50. It requires Windows Mobile platform and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 or higher.

You just tap the screen to receive a burping noise. You can use this application and Fart Machine together for fun jokes with your friends.

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You receive a great possibility to use the virtual lighter at the concert or any musical event with this fun and useful application. All you need to do to run this app on your Windows Mobile device is just to click on the shourtcut in the start menu. Enjoy!

OS: Windows Mobile.

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You can easily track Pulse Rate and BP with your pocket Windows Mobile device, if you’re interested in your health certainly. You can find next useful options in this app:

- health;
- heart;
- rate;
- pressure;
- blood;
- medical.

You must have Windows Mobile platform to run this application. So, download and stay healthy!

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You can run any Game Boy ROM on your Pocket PC with the help of this application called Game Boy Emulator.
Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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