SaleCalc will be a great solution for you, if you need a real and easy-to-use calculator for your pocket Windows Mobile device. You can easy make shopping lists and perform any accounts when the percentage is discounted with this useful shopping assistant-tool.

Also you can save customized sales tax rate to have a possibility to use it in the future. QVGA display resolution is also supported in this FREEWARE application.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can easily transform your pocket Windows Mobile device into alarm clock with this useful clocks category application called the SpoonAlarm.

This program is easy-to-use app that unites an user-friendly interface with a loud and efficient MP3 based alarm capacities.

Set up your next alarm performing a few clicks, select your most wanted song in MP3 format and customize your preferred snoozing option. You can work with no stylus using a friendly user interface.

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The mission of this fascinating game is to form the balls by certain way to get to the next level. You need to control the steel ball to expel all the bubbles in order by tilting your device. You have to start with the lowest and end with the upper numbers to do this right. Notice, you must perform all operations as fast as possible to avoid all dangerous bubbles. This game includes 50 difficulty levels, different surfaces and calibration. Real rebounds and ball hits are possible with the excellent graphics.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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Special features of this useful app called MSentinel 2.3 for your pocket mobile phone:

• Specified time period of phone’s checking;
• You can choose time period of sound on/off;
• You can set the function of phone’s switching off after announcement;
• App leaves your device after the checking for your following actions.
• Language support: English, Russian, Polish, German.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can view and edit the chess game on your pocket PC (Windows Mobile) with the help of CEBoard 2.1 app.

The List of Features:

• PGN standart support;
• Subvariations and comments managing;
• Custom positions are controlled;
• App has multi-file search options! (ECO code, Position, Material, Player’s Name, Result of the Game);
• Game from the Novag Star Diamond chess computer can be imported;
• Hosting chess playing engines;

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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This software is for pocket Windows Mobile devices use. You can simply save track of the blinds when you take part on a poker-tournament (you can use it when you play texas hold'em home tournaments).

Extra Features:

• Blind structures can be added, edited or deleted;
• You can set up the time period of a blind level for every level;
• Saving feature of default blind configuration;
• You know when blind level ends with standart or custom sound notification;
• Total elapsed tournament time is displayed;
• You start/stop/reset the blinds;
• Avoidance of an auto standby;

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White Wolf 'PIP' counting, d20 dice rolls with all modifiers, Feng Shui 'Hi-Low' rolls, open-ended dice rolls is not full list of dice games in which you can create special dice roll with the help of the application called Bag O Bones Dice Roller for RPG 1.0.

You can easy design, set up and save any dice roll to your “dice bag”. You certainly feel the handleability and have feeling of result dice with this bag. Make your own unique roll. It’s great!

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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You can perform next options with this useful application for your mobile phone:

• Stopwatch;
• Start/Stop/Lap;
• Have an endless number of Laps Timer;
• Timer runs to 99 hours with Second resolution;
• Show Message/Beep/Vibrate/Run Application in case of end of Metronome;
• Customize tempo from 30 to 300 beats per 60 seconds.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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It can be very continuous process to connect to the Facebook on your pocket mobile device. But here is the decision of this excess problem. Useful mobile application called SkyBook 1.4 (SP) was created to help you stay in touch with your Facebook friends any time! You can perform many features of popular public website Facebook with SkyBook. You can easy send messages, add new friends, poke, post on walls, and more. You can upload any photo from device’s folder or from your phone's camera, and have a possibility to edit photos with settings like resolution, brightness or flash.

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Everyone has mobile phone today. And everyone registers his/her SIM card as the only real one. But you can easy lose your pocket device device. You try to call your own number in that case, but your SIM isn’t active anymore. Someone made change of your SIM card for sure. But software sends out message to your alternative number, in case of new SIM card fixing. And be sure, the sofware repeats the same process after Windows starts up on mobile. Silent Spy always works in the background for keeping strict confidentiality. And you receive the new number which is using your device in turn.

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