Resco Media Suite 7.03 free download

Resco Media Suite 7.03

Here is a special suite of Resco Explorer, Photo Manager, Pocket Radio and Audio Recorder. It is an all-in-one pack!

- FTP client;
- File manager;
- Registry editor;
- Integrated viewer;
- Web browser;
- Solid file encryption;
- Recycle bin;
- Zip compression.

Photo Manager:
- You can upload pictures to social networks;
- Touch friendly;
- GPS position adding to any picture;
- Edit tools;
- Add to contact function;
- Slide show.

- MP3 and OGG support;
- MP3 streams recorder;
- Skin support;
- Scheduler for recording;
- List of radio stations.

- Real-time MP3 voice recording;
- Compact design;
- Voice Activation System;
- You can record, even when the display is switched off;
- Tags support;
- Schedule recording.

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