ShortCAD Lite 1.0 free download

ShortCAD Lite 1.0

“ShortCAD” is app for Pocket PC that make public the simplicity of well known CAD products just onto the palm of your hand! This program brings basic models of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system. With ShortCAD you can generate and edit 2D vector-graphic illustrations and templates.

“ShortCAD” pictures are saved as .ShortDWG files, but you can also save them in .dxf format. That’s why you can export your pictures to other vector-graphic editors. Also it permits rendering snapshots of your Pocket PC viewport to bitmaps of any size. Also, ShortCAD have been reworked to make your Pocket PC features accessible and usable without mouse and keyboard.

ShortCAD starts providing app programming interfaces (API) from support of Lua powerful, fast and lightweight scripting language.

With Lua you can do many useful things like following:

- Create tradition objects and add them to the drawing in ShortCAD manner.
- Design your own measurement tools.
- Create drawing templates based on scripts.
- Use ShortCAD to avoid boring formulas in your programs.
- Create layers, blocks and bitmaps, transform objects and set up object parameters from inside of your scripts.

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