Smart File Acceptor 2.3.1 free download

Smart File Acceptor 2.3.1

This application is designed to receive files, which are sent via Bluetooth.

Features and differences from the built-in Windows Mobile software:

- You can receive files directly to memory card;
- You can specify rules for auto-sorting of files into folders depending on their type;
- You can choose where to save the file before you begin receive the file;
- Advanced settings in total;
- List of received files;
- Ability to accept files only from specified devices;
- Sound notifications;
- The speed of receiving of file is higher;
- Maximum file size is not limited;
- Information about the transmitter device;
- Pictures preview.

It was designed for Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.x Smartphone, Pocket PC
Status: demo version
Developer: 0vZ

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