Walkie Talkie Push to Talk Lite 0.7.7 free download

Walkie Talkie Push to Talk Lite 0.7.7

This is an original program for the Android devices, which allows the exchange of voice messages via email. You do not pay for telephone calls in that case! You need only click on the "Record & Send" button, and your message will be recorded and sent to one or more recipients.

Checking of new messages occurs every 15 seconds, when the program is active. It occurs every minute, when Walkie Talkie Push to Talk works in the background. The history of all messages is stored in memory and can be accessed at any time.

Key Features:

- Monthly fees are absent;
- SMS fees are absent;
- It doesn’t require the usage of talk time minutes;
- Voice messages broadcasting with groups;
- Sending ability to all recipients;
- History gives you replay and out of order ability.

Operating system is Android.

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