Battery Guard is convenient pocket application that coordinates powering for every extra device on PocketPC machine. Do you want to track what eating battery under control? Then, this application was made for your use.


* customized current power mode for every extra device
* customized powering pattern for every power state of Windows Mobile Professional device
* backup/restore powering pattern
* choice of language (English or Polish)
* assistance of user-defined friendly names of extra devises

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Luck comes back to you! You are good player, but you can start to lose playing good starting hands. All depends on the number of pot’s people. (Example links: or Poker Odds Calculator is real help in your detection of winning starting hands.

Operating system: Palm OS

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You will enjoy world's best mobile chat. Because, you can meet millions & millions of members, find a lot of chat rooms, profiles, funny SMS, smiles and more. It is available on over 2000 pocket devices.

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This program allows you to export the flash memory card inside the smartphone as usual USB Mass Storage device (the usual "usb disk") - efficiently turning smartphone into flash reader.

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This app is a fast and convenient web browser. It uses Pocket Internet Explorer to display the web pages.

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Voice Twister is the first professional progrma that allows you to morph your voice on a WM device.
The user friendly voice variety will Make your friends and family laugh as your voice is converted to a Space Squirrel, or your kids are talking like a Giant at story time. Choose from the many preset voices, or you can use Tweak and Speak to change the pitch and add an effect, creating a unique voice of your own. Voice Twister can also play an existing audio file in the morphed voice, and save it to a new file. You can also record and save your live voice for play back later.

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ThrottleLock is a little app designed to lock your device, supports multi-language interface and tons of skins. Secure your phone by a special code. The phone will only be unlocked when a pattern is drawn on a grid of points. The phone CANNOT be unlocked without the correct code. It's highly important to remember the pattern you entered at it's startup. We recommend making a backup before you install this app. We take no responsibility of possible harm or data loss caused by it's use.

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Brand new Total Commander 2.0 for Windows Mobile Smartphones.
New in version 2.0
* Support for portrait/landscape switching
* Save column widths in full view
* FTP client, registry editor, and access to LAN (local area network)
Original features:
* Copy, Move whole subdirs
* Inplace rename, create dirs
* Delete (no recycle bin)
* Zip and unzip
* Properties dialog, change attributes
* Built-in text editor
* Search function (also for text)
* Select/unselect groups of files
* Select with [Sel] button
* FTP client

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ThrottleExplorer is a file explorer app. Compatible with all screen resolutions and all devices if they have WM5 or greatter and NET.CF 2.0 - 3.5!
* Copy, Paste and delete files.
* Create folder New folder.
* Order and grouping by Date, Extension and First Letter
* Groups can be collapsed.
* Fully skinable.
* Scrolling on the right moves directly between categories
* Fullscreen: Minimize using a top-down gesture.
* Multidisplay support (all screen resolutions!)
* Smooth and light.
* D-Pad support.
* Really fast navigation

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Tachyon is powerful application that lets you navigate faster than the speed of light through our Galaxy. You are welcome to get to the dark enigmatic universe with the help of your tiny Pocket device.
I bet you never thought a package like that could be accessible in your hand. The app presents not only Catalogs, gorgeous pictures and an awesome storage of data and functions. It offers a human touch to astronomy. Now you have some of the best drawings, charts and info from some of the most dedicated and competent astronomers. Control your skies with grace and accuracy.

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