Alc. 2008% lite 3.4.0 free download

Alc. 2008% lite 3.4.0

This modern alarm application is created for your use on pocket Windows Mobile devices and Smartphones with different display’s resolutions. You have many possibilities of settings using this application. Main feature of this program is quick possibility to set the alarm. And each alarm can execute different actions like playing any song, showing any picture or telling you a current time by some voice.

Functions of Alarm:
• Playing Mode. (wav, mp3, wma, mid formats);
• Picture displaying. (It is available on alarm background);
• Vibration Mode;
• Text note displaying Mode;
• Flight Mode (on/off);
• Customizable Wake-up Mode.

Language Support:
● English, German, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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