Audio Box 1.47 free download

Audio Box 1.47

This application is unique virtual recording studio! Now you can create own music without any additional soft using your pocket device. And this app can be the only package you need if you try to create complete composition. Because, it helps you to create customized instruments, emulate the sound of classic analog synthesisers, to play not only WAV or MP3 but MIDI on your pocket PC. You control your mix and apply needed multiple effects to every channel with an integrated mixing desk. Digital delay, chorus, phaser, reverb, , low/high pass filters and more are the real time effects. Don’t worry, this program can run in high quality 44Khz mode or 22Khz mode for some slower models of Pocket PC.

Key Features:

• Digital Sampler;
• Drum Machine;
• 16 Channel Mixing Desk;
• Real Time Digital Effects;
• Analog Synthesizer;
• String Pad Synthesizer;
• Score and Track Editing;
• Real Time Device Automation;
• 16bit 44Khz Audio Processing.

This program is Nominee of Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine Best Software Awards!

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