BizOrg 1.18 free download

BizOrg 1.18

Manage effectively your handwritten Notes, Tasks and Contacts.
* Convenient TREE view and Sub-Notes.
* Quick Move between next and previous linked Notes.
* Linking together the whole information by Subject.
* Note's type images help you quickly identify your items.
* BizOrg features include different background styles, fonts, preview of notes and more.
* Note Types (Email, Fax, Calls, Meetings, Appointments, etc.).
* Great Contact management. Easy assign contact to your Notes.
* You can search for text and sort notes by type, date, or subject.
* Sorting Notes: by Date, by Type, by Subject.
* Export all Notes to *.XML file in order to store your data.
* Backup and easily restore Solution for Notes, when you upgrade to a new Pocket PC or hard reset, this helps you get back up and running in an instant!
* Supported PLUGINS: Send Note to LiveJournal, to SMS, to E-mail (Outlook).
* Simple and useful and FREE.

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