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BTAudioNav can convey your GPS navigator application’s audio production to any Bluetooth headphones. Also this program can be configured to launch by a hardware button or with a link in your preferred app launcher.


- Redirects all PDA audio to the car handsfree or tho the byke bluetooth helmet.
- Turns bluettoth ON if it’s currently OFF.
- When the GPS program is ended, the audio is redirected again to the PDA speaker, the Bluetotoh radio is turned OFF if it were OFF initially and the program exits.
- Starts the GPS navigation app.
- When the call is ended the audio redirects again to the handsfree.


- You should copy the BTAudioNav.exe file to the navigation application folder.
- You should create a link to the navigation app executable in the same folder.
- You should find the iGo8.exe file, and with the right mouse button select Create link. You can do also with copy or paste link in Resco explorer Rename the link to NavApp.

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