ClearTemp 1.1 (SP) free download

ClearTemp 1.1 (SP)

Face it, browsing the web can leave you with a lot of garbage overloading your device. Not only does this consume your memory, it can also slow down your device. So, it is wise to remove the things you don't need. ClearTemp helps you to do this without any difficulty by locating, sorting and removing all types of temporary files stored on your device.
From the main ClearTemp interface, you can see the size of all temporary files available, including the temporary cache, browser history, temporary installations, URLs, cookies, and a lot more.
To delete them, just select the type of file you want to delete and click 'Apply'. These files will then all be deleted in automatic mode, freeing up that precious memory space on your mobile phone. Watch out though, because once they're deleted there'll be no way of getting them back if you really need them.

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