Elecont Launcher 1.0.165 free download

Elecont Launcher 1.0.165

It is time to install an application launcher on your Windows Mobile device. Because the access of service resources and applications on your smartphone can be a laborious task.

It is possible to have a free access to any documents and Internet adresses, your favorite programs, control panel items with a fully-featured quick launch plug-in for your Home screen called Elecont Launcher.

It also has simple set up mode. You only choose icons you need on your Home screen from the displayed list. It is easy to customize quick links to files and services that you use regulary on your smartphone. Elecont Launcher has customized interface, choice of languages, and you can set up the size of icons (from small to very big).

Friendlier way of access to files and applications from the main display of Windows Mobile is easy with Elecont Launcher. But don’t take a great interest in adding too many shortcuts using Elecont Launcher, because your Home screen can have a replete interface.

Operating system: Windows Mobile

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