Fizz Monitor 3.2 (SP) free download

Fizz Monitor 3.2 (SP)

It is unquestionable fact that any smart mobile device has some imperfections, such as life of battery, storing space or Ram size. And you must thoroughly follow these factors to avoid the exceeding of capability of your system.

You can manage the resources on your system more effectively with the help of Fizz Monitor 3.2 application. It works with useful method of placing a series of gauges for different system elements on one screen. Main window of this programme is divided into three sections, such as Battery Power, Memory and Device Storage.

You always see left percentage of main and backup power with Battery Power. System storage space and running program memory are inducated by Memory section. And Device Storage always lets you know about external card space you have for your using. Every of these three sections have clearly presented information for explanation. You can click on any section to view more information about it at the bottom part of the screen. You also can change the interface of this program by selecting one of four themes.

There is possibility of displaying list of all items that you are running now with simple feature called the Task Manager. It gives you the option to “activate” or “delete” a task by clicking needed button.

Fizz Monitor is very useful and simple addition to your software, to cut a long story short. Enjoy!

Operating system: Windows Mobile.

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