Google Maps 3.2.1 free download

Google Maps 3.2.1

You can use this freeware useful program with Windows Mobile 6 operating sytem. It has a great functionality. Google Maps v3.0 has Latitude. Other features are: My Location, driving directions, business listings, street view, live traffic, transit & walking directions.

You can with Google Latitude next:
You always know about your friends location and you can contact them rapidly. Also it provides complete control over your privacy.

The Latest Improvements:

• Places of interest. This option includes icons and shortcuts on the map for the choice of exserted places or businesses you need in order to see any data, articles of the Wikipedia, reviews, photos, and a lot of other useful info.

• Favorite Places. You can find out where the local experts like to go, and why.


• Layers: The “More Layers” list is now assorted as a layer categories tree.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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