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For this app to be successfully installed you need a SD card of at least 256MB.
- HOT Hold Over Times,SNOWTAM, MOTNE,conversions,calculator to add time for logbook.
- climb gradient infos.
- Contains full 6EB calculator
WEATHER:(add on module)
- Briefing Tool (Wetter TAF METAR Wind Charts Significan Weather acharts NOTAM etc.)
- animated Satelite pictures can also be downloaded (Europe only)
- download via Wifi Sync Station or GRPS
- Store Airport Listing
- Store reports
CIA FACTBOOK: (add on 75MB)
AIRPORT: (add on module)
- complete data of world airports
- Airport Databse of10'000 Airports
- Show Runway sketch
- show communication data
- Show coordinates
- add personal or company notes
The CIA Factbook provides extensive country information on all Countries worldwide.
VOLMET Database: World wide Volmet database searchable.
The Database is some 70MB big and containes Maps, Flags and technical as well as historical information of each country.
NEWs Reader (RSS):
This plugin reads any RSS feeds can be used to read the News provided a Flight International.
Real Time currecy Plug in allows you to download an store real time currency exchage rates for your purchases abroad. 140 currencies supported

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