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Livecontacts Mobile

This application is created for WindowsMobile 5 and 6 pocket mobile phones with GPS feature. Your friends always know where you’re if you have Livecontacts Mobile app on your mobile phone. So, you can easy share your location onward the way.

Livecontacts Mobile application guarantees security and safety anywhere with the help of exceptional and unique web-based tracking features. There are many features like real time tracking, geofences and save zones, location plots on digital maps, speed control, battery control, emergency alerts with automatic notifications, remote control of device settings, keeping and finding of travelled routes, etc.

Other useful features:

- You go to the Internet website of Livecontacts Mobile app ( to find the location of your pocket device in case of lost phone.
- You can also update your location by clicking on the map manually if you forgot your mobile phone.
- Do you want see the history of your travel? It is very easy. You just look through the routes you’ve travelled.
- And remember that Livecontacts Mobile application modifies your GSM into a GPS device!

Operating system: Windows Mobile

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