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MobileMagic activates automatic G rotation for any program. You can adapt any events, restrict the auto rotation of screen for specific apps. But you should have .NET compact framework 3.5 installed for this to run.

Buttons and Events that can be assigned to actions:
- Rotation of your device triggers special actions (Eg FaceDown turns screen of)
- Stylus In/Stylus Out
- Power button (short)/Power button (long)
- Volume Up/Volume Down
- Take Call (1 to 3 times)
- Backspace (1 to 3 times)
- Hang Up (1 to 3 times)
- GPS Fix Found/GPS Fix Lost

Actions that can be assigned:
- Start Application
- Play Sound
- Screen On/Screen Off
-Rotate Potrait, RevPotrait, Landscape, RevLandscape
- Lock Screen
-Soft Reset/Hard Reset
- Show MobileMagic/Hide MobileMagic
- Power Off
- Show Home
- Show Dial
- Vol Up/Vol Down
- DPad Left, DPad Right, DPad Up ,DPad Down
- LightUp/LightDown
- GPS On/GPS Off
- BT Off/BT On
- Wi-fi On,Off,Toggle
- Phone On, Off, Toggle
- Activate Stay On/Deactivate Stay On

- AutoStart MobileMagic
- Start hidden
- Stay On
- Speed/Cache optimizer
- GPS while power off

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