Operator settings 1.1 free download

Operator settings 1.1

If you use Windows Mobile device and several SIM or multi-sim, then every time you must make lots of efforts to access GPRS, MMS or WAP if you change the SIM card . It is super-inconvenient!
Operator Settings solves this issue. It is a small app which contains “ops.exe” and “ops.ini” files. You need to write your settings into “ops.ini” text file, place together these files in storage card or in storage memory and execute “ops.exe”. Now the application automatically detects the change of operator name and activates the corresponding settings. It works after the device has been turned off or battery removed. But if you place the app at storage card and remove card or use WM5torage you must restart program! To uninstall program remove “ops.exe” and “ops.ini” only.

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