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This useful application gives you a possibility to change the mobile operator name to any of your choice on your pocket device.

It needs WM 6.0 and HTC Home plugin.

You always see the mobile operator name when you enter your dialpad, have any incoming call, and this name is showed at the upper-left corner of the HTC Home plugin. OpMon application doesn’t make any invariable changes. But it has some background process (opset.exe). It is for checking at specified intervals and making the change of your current name.

But your phone's radio status can change (for example, when roaming, when the phone radio is turned off, etc.). It changes to the default in that case. The feature of OpMon is to change it to your custom selection when background monitoring is turned on and even after random reset.

Instructions of Use:

• Firsty, you need to install OpMon.cab;
• Then you launch OpMon from Start/Programs/OpMon;
• You indicate a custom operator name;
• You surely verify the backgound monitoring. It must be enabled;
• The last step is entering the number of seconds between name checks.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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