PalmaryClock Wireless Edition for Treo 1.2 free download

PalmaryClock Wireless Edition for Treo 1.2

This app is not only improved clock. It is very powerful organizer and useful assistant in your business! You always know about the latest changes in all your needed questions with this application. It is very easy like cheeseburger!

Extra Features:

• Weather Forecast;
• Currency Converter;
• Time Synchronizer;
• Cordless autoupdate function;
• You can start the app or timer with alarm;
• Calendar with refreshed skins;
• Personally customized backgrounds and skins;
• Slideshow Mode;
• Choose from Analog Clock, Digital Clock or Analog-digital Clock;
• Unlimited Timers and Alarms with a lot of different settings;
• 10 individual Stopwatches;
• World Map view, World Time;
• The view of moon phases;
• You can use any sound file (supported formats are MP3/WAV/OGG/WMA) for your alarm tone.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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