PE Zip Explorer 7.5 free download

PE Zip Explorer 7.5

PE Zip Explorer is fast, modern, easy-to-use and vey powerful zip file explorer and file manager for your pocket Windows Mobile device. You can easy perform all operations of it, if you know the principle of work of file explorer on your Windows desktop. You can do following operations with PE Zip Explorer:

• Find everything, create, view and edit shortcut;
• Tap and hold to your screen a popup menu;
• Perform double tap to run anything;
• Functions to select/copy/paste and more;
• See in details the properties of file or folder;
• Use Infrared to send or receive any file to any folder;
• You can link file extension with an application;
• Customize filter inclusion/exclusion;
• You can personalize and customize PE File Explorer by your favorite way!
• And more...

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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