Pocket RTA 1.41 free download

Pocket RTA 1.41

This program is a highly portable spectrum analyser that runs in real time. It was designed for your Pocket PC use.

Special Features:

• Program measures signals up to 22Khz with 44Khz sampling;
• Definable FFT size and sample frequency;
• Standard ANSI/IEC A and C weighting curves;
• Spectrograph for single channel;
• Automatically noise disabling;
• Frequency, peak note and octave display automatically;
• Octave, 1/3 and 1/6 octave displays;
• Sound Pressure Level display;
• Internal Signal Generator (ISG);
• Peak trace tool;
• You can choose the speed of signal decay;
• Signal gain control;
• Pause capacity to suspend the live trace to aid analysis of data.

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