POCKETSHIELD – 3.0 BETA free download


Pocketshield is a useful application that was designed for automatically lock and unlock features.

- Auto-lock;
- Auto-unlock when you take out the device from your pocket (light sensor);
- Unlock by the movement of a finger across the screen from top to bottom;
- Unlock feature with a simple shaking of the phone (you can adjust the sensitivity);
- You can choose any method to unlock or use several methods at once;
- Automaticaly answers the incoming call by any unlock method;
- Vibration when you unlock the phone;
- Customized digital clock on the locked screen;
- Locked screen indicates the name of the calling person, number of missed calls, alarms and reminders;
- Battery charge indicator;
- Icons which show the activated methods of unlock features.
- Program requires 1.5 mb of RAM;
- OS is Windows Mobile.

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