Private Pilot Questions 1.11 free download

Private Pilot Questions 1.11

This .LIT software delivers the majority of the questions from the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank that are present for the private pilot written examination. This is the excellent way to study the FAA’s questions, because: * You may carry the data with you, so you can study anytime anywhere. * The questions are organized by FAA subject code, you can focus on the spheres you know worse. * Only the airplane questions are included. * This software is offered in the standard .LIT format, so it can be read on a PocketPC, a regular PC, or any electronic book reader that supports this format. Note: Due to memory, speed and display resolution limitations of current electronic book readers, the FAA questions referring to figures and other graphics have not been incorporated into this book.
This is the best study help for anyone working to obtain their Private Pilot’s license,or for the experienced pilot who is getting prepared for their next Flight Review.
Can be read on either a PC or a PocketPC with Microsoft Reader.

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