ProfiMail 3.14 free download

ProfiMail 3.14

This application will be very useful for you for everyday using. ProfiMail 3.14 is answer on all your questions in communication case! You will feel how it can be easy to navigate many messages on screen at time during reading. You can always be in touch with your friends, use ProfiMail for your professional work, send any documets or other information from yor pocket device.

ProfiMail Features:

• Mail server is automatically synchronized with messages;
• App has IMAP folders;
• There are HTML messages with links and images;
• View, save, send – attachments;
• App has Adressbook and Signatures;
• Program is add-in File Explorer;
• It has assistance of IMAP/SMTP/POP3 servers;
• You can use T9 to write any mail;
• ZIP archives are opened in this app;
• Different character encoding like Cyrillic, Central European, Western, etc.;
• App has own Image viewer that can read all modern and popular formats;
• Text viewer;
• GPRS support;
• Notifications with sound;
• Regular message download.

Operating System: Windows Mobile.

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